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MICAH BACLIG, Designer and Artist

Major: Sustainable Design Studies / DEA

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: G

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Micah is a designer and artist currently pursuing his masters degree in Sustainable Design Studies at Cornell. He is interested in studying the intersection between research, design, and policy as they relate to human-environment relations. Before Cornell, Micah lived in Providence, RI where he worked as a teaching artist and launched his own product via crowdfunding. He can often be found in the Ithaca Commons playing Pokemon Go.

Past Classes

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A328: Creature Creation: Introduction to Character Design & 3D Modeling in Splash Spring 17 (Apr. 29, 2017)
In this course student artists will be introduced to the worlds of character design and 3D modeling. Part one of the session will be devoted to brainstorming a unique creature concept to bring to life. We will discuss a few different approaches for deriving inspiration for our designs and a variety of mediums (sketching, image collage, clay sculpting) will be available to the artists to help them realize their concepts. In the second half of the session students will learn how to transform their designs into 3D creations using free, web-based 3D CAD modeling software. After participating in this session, artists will know basic 3D CAD modeling skills and will have been introduced to industries that utilize CAD modeling software (product design, video game design, etc). Please note that artists will take away whatever materials they created in the first half of the class plus a 3D file of their creature creation. Information regarding additional 3D modeling programs + 3D printing services will be given out at the end of the class if students want to pursue 3D printing their models on their own.