Welcome to Splash at Cornell!

The parent program rooms have changed:
10-10:50 - Cornell Student Q&A: WRN 175
11-11:50 - Climate Solutions: WRN B25
12-12:50 - Composting: WRN 138

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What is Splash?

def. (n) an amazing Saturday on Cornell's campus when any student grades 7 to 12 can learn about any subject!

Splash is a very open style of learning, designed to let students explore anything that they are passionate about. If you're passionate about math and science, we have courses on gravitational waves and complex analysis! Perhaps, you're more interested in the humanities and want to learn about ancient history and creative writing. Maybe, you're just looking for things that aren't normally taught, like an Introduction to Immunology explained in terms of Starcraft or four-player chess (known as bughouse). Our teachers choose their own class topics and content, allowing them to teach on what they're most passionate about!

Students, parents/guardians, and K-12 educators can find information about Splash, including registration, our mission, and more.

Are you a Cornell student interested in teaching anything at Splash? Choose your own topic and create a class. Our seasoned teachers will support you every step of the way. Find out more.

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This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University