Parents FAQ

Welcome Parents!
*** If you or your child have signed up for Splash! this year, be on the lookout for an email with all of the details regarding the event! ***

Q: I’ve never been to a Splash! before… help!
A: Have no fear! Splash! is meant to be a fun experiment in learning what you want to, just because you want to. If you’ve never been on a college campus before, the buildings and students can seem intimidating at first, but you’ll find that the areas we’ve picked at Cornell aren’t too hard to navigate and that there’s always a volunteer in a black Splash! shirt close by. Above all, remember Douglas Adams’ timeless advice (Don’t Panic!) and that there’s never such a thing as a silly question. See you soon!

Q: Does Splash provide transportation?
A: Unfortunately, due to Cornell's insurance policy, we cannot provide transportation of any kind at this time.

Q: Where should I park?
A: Hoy Garage – which is just down Tower Road from the Agriculture Quad – is the University’s preferred location for weekend guest parking. You can search for Schoellkopf Pressbox in your GPS. If you’ve never driven on campus before, we recommend arriving early and consulting Cornell’s transportation page here: If you’re just dropping students off, feel free to use the small parking lot by Plant Sciences off of Tower Road and across from Weill Hall. See below for a map with directions between our parking locations and Splash!.

Q: What should my student bring?
A: Please pack a snack and a refillable bottle of water (and your sense of adventure!) - we’ll provide lunch, shirts, notepads, pens, schedules, and more. Additionally, make sure that you’ve completed your liability form electronically and have paid through PayPal already, or that you are bringing the day-of fee ($25) in cash on the day of the program. Unfortunately, the University does not allow us to accept any students for whom we do not have complete liability paperwork on file.

Q: Are parents/guardians supposed to stay?
A: We welcome all adults to come with their students to check-in in Warren Hall – however, our protection of minors/risk management policies prevent us from allowing parents/guardians to freely circulate in our Splash! lunch and classrooms. Please feel free to check out our Parent Program – an opportunity for parents to hear from some of Cornell’s most renowned faculty, and question students about their time at Cornell. Click here to learn more about our Parent Program. Parents are also welcome to explore Cornell and Ithaca, and we are happy to recommend some of the must-visit places in town.

Q: Can my student switch classes during the program?
A: Yes! If you’d like to switch classes, please make your way to the Help Desk (in the Warren Hall lobby, right by check-in) for assistance.

Q: I requested financial aid but haven’t received any confirmation yet.
A: Please contact us at with as much information as possible, and we'll get right back to you.

Q: What should I do when I’m done with all my classes?
A: We’ll be collecting feedback forms online. If your student would like to be picked up early, please arrange to meet in the Warren Hall Lobby.

Q: What if my student is in need of something not mentioned above (a sign-language interpreter, a guide, disability services, etc.)
A: We want to make this program as accessible as possible for every student! If your student has any needs that we have not covered in the previous questions, please reach out to us at We will do our best to accommodate any additional needs in a prompt fashion.

Q: Where should I bring my student on campus?
A: Here's a map of the campus:

All the activities will take place on the Agriculture Quad. Each student will also receive a map when they check in so they can navigate.

Ag Quad (Ignore Plant Sciences as all classes are in Warren Hall and Mann Libary this year)

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