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GABRIEL VERGARA, Cornell sophomore studying government

Major: Government

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2021

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Hey everyone! My name is Gabriel Vergara. I am a sophomore government major at Cornell. I love government, especially studying the Supreme Court and how it interprets the law. I find it even more interesting that different judges take different approaches to cases. I hope to convey these judicial ideologies simply so that everyone better understands the impact of the Supreme Court. In the future I hope to either go to graduate school and then teach at a university.

Past Classes

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Supreme Court Ideologies and Impact on the Law in Splash Fall 2018
This course is going to examine the various judicial philosophies employed by Justices on the Supreme Court. We will look at and compare these different interpretations. The course has no prerequisites and is open to all hoping to learn about the Supreme Court and the law.