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ANGEL NUGROHO, Information Science and Archaeology junior

Major: Information Science

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Cornell junior from Charlotte, North Carolina in the College of Arts and Sciences. I work as a teaching assistant and help lead Cornell's Early College Awareness organization. My hobbies include reading, painting, and watching Criminal Minds on Netflix.

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H672: Ancient Forensics: Intro to Bioarchaeology in Splash Spring 2021 (May. 01, 2021)
How do we learn about the ancient past? Without a written record, archaeology uses material evidence like ruins, artifacts, and even skeletal remains to understand history. Human bone can tell us about population demographics, health, and diet. Alongside other cultural or environmental evidence, biological methods can tell us more about how ancient humans lived. This course will introduce concepts like bone identification, evidence of diet and disease, and archaeology ethics.