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CAROLINE HINRICHS, Nutrition Science Student

Major: Nutritional Science (HE)

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2022

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Caroline Hinrichs is a Nutritional Science major in Human Ecology who hails from Boston, Massachusetts. When she’s not cooking for friends or complaining about organic chemistry, she sings in The Chordials and the Cornell University Chorus, where she serves as President. Caroline loves scones, bookstores, and making new friends. Her favorite fruit is the ever-reliable apple.

Past Classes

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P677: Polymers all around! in Splash Spring 2021 (May. 01, 2021)
Polymers are all around us! In this chemistry-centered program, learn about what makes a chemical polymer, watch a demo of polymerization, and discover examples of polymers in our everyday life.

P678: Sustainable Farming & Agriculture in Splash Spring 2021 (May. 01, 2021)
Learn about the definition of sustainability and its applications to farming and soil science!