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JEFFREY YEN, Cornell senior in Plant Sciences

Major: Plant Sciences

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2018

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I am a plant enthusiast who tries to understand how plants develop and respond to the environment. Aside from teaching, I am an amateur woodworker and guitar player. I also enjoy going on hikes and trying new activities.

Past Classes

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Shedding light onto plants – Introduction to Botany in Splash Fall 2018
Plants come in all shapes and forms, but why does each plant look the way they do? Join us in a journey to discover the evolution of different plant forms and recognize how they relate to one another! I will discuss the anatomical features of a wide variety of plants and how they serve to solve basic physiological problems. Connections to physics, physiology, evolution, and genetics will be drawn. Unique features of domesticated food crops will also be discussed. No prerequisites required, just a curious mind:)!