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JAMES GAN, Cornell senior working for nonprofit StudentRND

Major: Economics

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2018

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I'm a Cornell student from Seattle, WA! I'm into coding, government, and some random hobbies!

Past Classes

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Leading Technology Projects: Tech & Product Management in Splash Fall 17
Product Management is the organizational lifecycle function dealing with planning, forecasting, producing, and marketing a product. As a Senior studying Economics, Computer Science, and Information Science, I found this to be a perfect path for me. Sign up for this class if you want to learn how to design and lead technology projects! You may design a mobile game and figure out how to produce it with a budget, and how to make money off it. You may design the next Macbook. At the very least, you can learn about the Product Management path and possibly discover something to pursue in college!

Modernizing the World: Digital Transformation in Splash Fall 17
Come learn how Leaders in Digital Transformation apply technology to modernize businesses and help the global economy

Hidden Histories of the Unseen Minority in Splash Fall 17
Throughout history, minorities have been forced to face discrimination, exclusion from society, barriers to opportunities, oppression, and under-appreciation in American history. Diversity impels us to realize feelings of self-awareness, insight, and determination in the sense that we must work harder to overcome the conscious and unconscious biases of others. Asian-American history is a story rarely told in secondary and university education. In this course, we will explore key events that have shaped Asian-American culture.

Make a Splash! (How to organize an event) in Splash Spring 17
Have you ever wanted a Hackathon at your school? Or to be the secretary general at a Model United Nations conference? Or to bring Splash closer to home? Maybe you saw something cool on the internet and want it to happen near you. Come learn how to organize events with a nonprofit event manager and a hackathon organizer!

Introduction to Glowsticking in Splash Fall 2015
Learn how to spin poi and glowsticks! "Ooh shiney" is all you'll hear from your friends and family.