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KATHRYN SABOL, Cornell junior studying food and beverage

Major: Hotel Administration

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2016

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My name is Kathryn and I am passionate about the food & beverage industry. I am currently in my third year at the School of Hotel Administration. I love cooking for myself, with my friends, and teaching others how to cook. I was born and raised in Chicago, where I developed my love for food from living in a great restaurant area. After graduation I hope to work in F&B management with the goal of eventually owning my own restaurant.

Past Classes

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M72: Microsoft Excel for Business & Schoolwork in Splash Spring 2015 (Apr. 18, 2015)
Excel is an indispensable tool in the business world and in college courses, and is quickly becoming more used in high school courses. This course covers useful financial, mathematical, logical, and referential formulas that can be used in business, school, or personal projects. We will also discuss conditional formatting, data sorting, and model building. This course will be taught with Microsoft Excel for PC.