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LINH VUU, Cornell AEM Senior

Major: AEM

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2018

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I major in Applied Economics & Management with concentrations in Finance and Environmental, Energy, & Resource Economics. I will be joining IBM full-time as a Business Transformation Consultant based in NYC. My extracurricular activities on campus include: Dyson Leadership Development Program and President's Sustainable Campus Committee.

Past Classes

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Digital Business Leadership & Strategy in Splash Fall 17
Are you interested in entrepreneurship and applying your start-up passions to capitalize on an increasingly digital business landscape? Are you not sure what that even means? Join us for a class that will help you explore your leadership potential as we learn about different digital business models - e.g. open source, software as a service, cognitive solutions, etc. This class will be 25% lecture- and 75% discussion-based.

Sustainable Impact Investments in Splash Fall 17
In a world under threat of destruction by catastrophic pollution and man-made disasters, what role should financial institutions play in helping with sustainable development goals? The current goal for banks is to deliver competitive market returns and satisfy shareholders' needs. Delivering positive social impact is often used as a marketing ploy. Can we find a bridge in which helping one's community translates to gains that aren't limited to monetary profits? In this course, we will learn about the ethics of sustainability, corporate morality, and responsible investing.

Hidden Histories of the Unseen Minority in Splash Fall 17
Throughout history, minorities have been forced to face discrimination, exclusion from society, barriers to opportunities, oppression, and under-appreciation in American history. Diversity impels us to realize feelings of self-awareness, insight, and determination in the sense that we must work harder to overcome the conscious and unconscious biases of others. Asian-American history is a story rarely told in secondary and university education. In this course, we will explore key events that have shaped Asian-American culture.

The Economics of Saving Planet Earth in Splash Spring 17
We will learn the basics of microeconomics and apply them to explore sustainable development concepts. Using a country analysis of China's new normal growth, we will investigate the trade-offs governing institutions make while factoring in social, environmental, and economic pillars of decision-making. This class will be both lecture-based and discussion-oriented!