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OLUOMA I., ESP Teacher

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?714: Fostering Emotional Wealth: An Emphasis on Stabilizing Mental Health in Splash Fall 2021 (Nov. 13, 2021)
We all feel stressed and overwhelmed at one point or another and may sometimes feel like we don't know how to adequately cope with and deal with stress and having a lot on our plates. Thus it is important for us to learn good ways to regulate our mental health early on so we can develop and use those habits when needed. This course is designed to help students be more aware of and more in tune with their environment - ie the people around them, and their own thoughts, in order to help them foster emotional prosperity and relaxation. The class will discuss tell-tale signs that may be present when people may need help psychologically and/or mentally but they maybe do not openly discuss or express those feelings (perhaps because of the culture they are from or because of society in general - as we all have a tendency to bottle up our emotions.) After identifying key behaviors that could signify mental stress, different available resources - especially technological ones - would be touched on. Afterwards, techniques for how to handle stress and anxiety and how to leave time for emotional relaxation in the midst of a heavy workload would be expanded on (all of which will be based on actual scientific findings) including many meditation techniques.