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SHEFALI KUMAR, Cornell Freshman studying Computer Science

Major: Computer Science/ Engineering

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Shefali Kumar is a undergraduate freshman at Cornell University majoring in Computer Science in the College of Engineering. Her academic interests include: coding, business and finance, robotics, and philosophy. She aspires to work as a computer scientist in a major tech company.

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?656: Artificial Intelligence, Genetics, and Logistics: How to Code a Human! in Splash Fall 2019 (Nov. 16, 2019)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a growing field of computer science and engineering. AI has been displayed across the media in numerous movies, TV shows, and even in the news as more innovations and discoveries are made. However, AI presents the issue of human simulation. Simulations cannot be programmed to replicate humans precisely and perfectly. This class gives students the opportunity to examine the definition of AI through a program that simulates Mendelian genetic crosses, as well as the practical and ethical problems associated with human simulation. Ideals, assumptions, and laws will be discussed as an overarching theme.