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Major: Animal Science

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2026

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P843: Celebrating the Lost Leaders and Hidden Figures of Science in Splash Spring 2023 (Apr. 29, 2023)
Science textbooks often celebrate the same historical figures in the canon of scientific achievement: Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin — the list goes on. However, often these scientists were successful at times that, while paramount to scientific progress and advancement, also left out several other identities from the narrative. Many individuals from less represented walks of life contributed key insights that have laid the foundation for today’s body of science. We cannot undercount the importance of seeing scientific figures who look like us as a beacon for what we can accomplish in science, too. In this class, we strive to shed light on lost leaders in science and highlight examples such as Katherine Johnson, Charles Henry Turner, and Ynes Mexia, in turn inspiring the next generation of potential scientists.