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PATRICK MEHLER, Cornell Senior & Ithaca City Councilman

Major: ILR

College/Employer: Cornell

Year of Graduation: 2023

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Patrick Mehler is a senior in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University and an alderperson (city councilman) on the Ithaca Common Council. Originally from Yonkers, NY, Patrick has worked extensively in civic engagement, including as the co-founder and president of Cornell Votes, the co-founder and first Cornell representative to the Ivy League Votes Challenge, as Cornell's lead ambassador at the Andrew Goodman Foundation, and a legislative writer for State Senator Shelley Mayer. He seeks to create more civically engaged citizens and teaches courses regarding government fiscal responsibility and youth involvement.

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?782: Building a Local Government Budget in Splash Fall 2022 (Nov. 12, 2022)
While national media headlines focus on Congress’ budget, most Americans receive their daily government services through their local government. Clean drinking water, trash removal, police services, and paved roads all ultimately come from local municipalities. In this course, students will learn what services local governments provide and create their own budget for their fictional city. Taught by a current city councilman and Cornell student, this course will use the City of Ithaca an example budget and will have students decide what services they want their government to include, the quality of their services, how to pay for it, and how to compromise with other students in creating one city-wide budget.