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?903: From Ideas to Action: Community Service from the Lens of Food Insecurity
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Isha Arora, Jeffrey Xue

We are currently at a pivotal point in our lives. A myriad of challenges affect our communities, neighborhoods, and even ourselves. To address such challenges, various ideas for solutions may come to mind. These challenges and the “solutions” are dynamic, and ever changing. So, what is the best way to address these issues? Where do we even begin? How do we select a “solution”? While the journey behind addressing challenges will be unique for each individual and issue, and much more complex than a 50 minute session could ever do justice for, we aim to provide an example of how we have addressed challenges in our home communities. Through this, we aim to provide a basic framework describing methods to approach these challenges. Aiming to address the challenges with dignity and respect, while building lasting relationships with our neighbors.

?920: Saving the Environment One Dollar At a Time

Money is power. The way you spend your money helps shape the dynamics of the global free market. In this class, you will learn about the effect of consumerism on the environment. More importantly, you'll be given the tools to make informed purchasing decisions. Our goal is to help you be aware of how your spending habits may affect the environment. We hope that you can leave the class with a new perspective on many of the brands and items you use on a day-to-day basis.

?919: The History and Development of a Multi-Billion Dollar Company: LEGO
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Adam Ziegelmueller

How did the LEGO company, known and loved the world over, come to be what it is today? In this class, we’ll discuss who and what made the company so successful from day one to now, and why this amazing product is important. Get ready to learn some history, hear some heartwarming stories, and see how these little bricks build the world around us!

?923: The Enigma Code: Introduction to Cryptography Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Eric Li

From secret codes during wartime to sending an email to a friend, hidden codes are all around us. Encryption keeps our messages private and out of the wrong hands through a special encoding process. In this class, you will learn about cryptography throughout history, how to write and decipher secret messages, and race to solve an encoded telegram.

?930: Menu Mix-Up Full!
Difficulty: **

In our menu development game, students immerse themselves in the art of menu planning through interactive play. This game fosters critical thinking as students strategize to include diverse ingredients and dishes. Through a reflective discussion after they have developed their menu, they receive feedback on their culinary creations. The game encourages teamwork, collaboration, and a deeper understanding of nutrition and menu design principles.

?936: Let's Play Mafia! Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Aaryaa Chiney

Are you a simple Villager, a curious Detective, a miraculous Doctor, or a vengeful member of the Mafia? In this class, we will learn how to play the popular party game Mafia (also known as Werewolf) and understand the strategies and tactics that players can use to win. Then, we’ll get right into playing the game in a group! Bring your best persuasion skills – it might save your life!


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A917: MISS (Make It Short & Simple): A Guide to Efficient Writing Full!
Difficulty: *

Never bore your readers again! Learn how to communicate clearly and concisely. From essays to birthday cards to Reddit posts, this class will teach you the art of aggressive editing.

A943: Balloon Art 101
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jena Le

Get ready to unleash your creativity in Balloon Art 101! This course is all about diving into the colorful and whimsical world of balloon twisting. Throughout our time together, you'll learn the basic techniques of balloon art, from inflating and tying balloons to crafting your own balloon animals. Get ready to twist, turn, and create some balloon magic!

A899: Splash Trek: Intro to Voice Acting! Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Victoria Franklin

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create a new voice? Come to voice acting! We'll cover the basics of singing and acting, alongside the physics of how to voice act without straining our voices! Students will get to act out real skits and commercials from the voice acting industry and then write and perform their own.

A911: SwiftlySpeaking: Unpacking Taylor Swift's Song Lyrics
Difficulty: *

Calling all Swifties (and non-Swifties too!). In this 50 minute class we will be covering all things Taylor Swift. From unpacking lyrics to exploring how she got her start and grew to be the global star she is today. …Ready For It?

A937: Floral Artistry Full!
Difficulty: **

In this class, unleash your creativity while learning the art of flower arranging. Explore color theory, texture, and shape to sketch your ideas on paper and then craft captivating arrangements. Let your imagination blossom as you delve into this immersive experience, discovering the magic of floral design.


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E906: Eggscellent Engineering Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Becky Lee

Have you ever wanted to use your engineering skills to save a life? Well now you can with eggscellent engineering. You will be working in teams in order to protect your egg from danger by using engineering and teamwork skills to create a contraption for your egg. At the end of the class, we will test out everyone's invention and we will have a little friendly competition.


E907: The Secrets of 0s and 1s Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Becky Lee

Have you ever wondered how your computer works? How your computer is able to do complicated computations really fast? Then this is the class for you! In this class, we'll be learning about how your computers are able to take these simple numbers 0 and 1 and turn them into powerful tools for your computer to do complex things with.


E924: Launching into Kinematics Full!
Difficulty: **

Explore the fascinating world of motion mechanics! Through a hands-on challenge, we will uncover the fundamental principles governing motion. Join us in launching objects as we explore how kinematics works!

E933: Introduction to CAD with CUAUV

Students will learn how to model in OnShape, a computer aided design software for engineering. We will teach good practices and give advice when modeling, as well as practical applications within engineering and beyond. Experience is not required, but for those interested in learning more, we will have a more challenging assignment.

E904: CUAUV: Intro to Electronics

Join this class for a brief introduction in electronics including hands-on experience working with an Arduino board. We’ll be going over the basics of circuits, electrical components, and code, and using this knowledge to complete fun challenges. Although we will move quickly, students will be split into smaller groups for a more tailored experience, so all experience levels are welcome!

E912: Engineering and Circuitry Applications: Making Toys More Accessible

Join Cornell’s Big Red Adaptive Play and Design Initiative (Big Red APDI) to learn more about engineering processes and circuitry! We will be working together to form small circuits made from batteries and wires. Additionally, we will demonstrate how much circuitry can be applied to other engineering disciplines. In particular, the Big Red APDI team is focused on reverse engineering toys to make them more accessible to students with physical disabilities in the Ithaca community.

E928: Spaghetti Tower Challenge Full!

Participants will work in small groups to construct spaghetti towers using limited materials such as spaghetti sticks, marshmallows, and candy. The objective is to design towers that meet specific parameters, including height, strength, and cost-effectiveness, while competing to spend the least amount of "money."


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H935: Human Bonding
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Rachel Zhang

Discover the secrets behind strong bonds, from initial sparks to lasting connections. Delve into the psychology, biology, and sociology of human connection. Gain insights into fostering healthy relationships and navigating the complexities of interpersonal dynamics.

H926: How to Write a Compelling Character Full!
Difficulty: *

Cinderella, Harry Potter, and Darth Vader -- each one of these characters has a unique story that makes them memorable. Behind the familiar faces lies a rich history that shapes each of these characters: guiding their actions, rhetorics, and personalities. In this class, you will learn how to write a character through their motivation and backstory. Students will also act out their characters, bringing them to life.

Physical Education

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L905: Basics of First Aid and Emergency Preparedness

"Blue to the sky, orange to the thigh!" Learn more about using EpiPens, treating wounds, performing Heimlich maneuvers, and other first aid topics! Whether you're interested in healthcare or just want to be prepared in an emergency, this class will introduce you to the key components of first aid!


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L913: Lunch Period
Difficulty: None

Enjoy a break for lunch with your friends! Please register for at least one lunch period on each day of the program.

Physical Education

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L915: Keep Calm -- Non - Academic Test Prep Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Will Moss

Improve your test - taking skills in fun and engaging ways! There will be no practice tests or problems, instead, I will introduce students to various physical and mental approaches to remaining cool, calm, and focused during important exams. This includes breathing exercises, stretching, rapid meditation, week before/night before exam strategies, better sleeping strategies, safe caffeine management, and much much more!

Math & Computer Sciences

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M900: A.I. Doctors: Machine Learning Meets Medicine!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: James Kim

In this class, we’ll unravel the mysteries of machine learning – discovering how machines can learn just like us, but faster and sometimes even smarter! We’ll learn how machine learning is applied in the exciting world of healthcare to help doctors diagnose diseases and prescribe treatments. We’ll also talk about the future of AI in medicine and how a career in health-tech can help save lives, one algorithm at a time!

M941: Achieving More Power with the Ti-84
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Tean Lai

Imagine stepping into a world where the humble TI-84 calculator in your backpack transforms into a powerful programming machine, capable of far more than just solving arithmetic problems. In this class, we're going to unlock the secrets hidden within your calculator, turning it into a dynamic tool for creating games, solving complex equations instantly, and even automating tedious homework tasks.

In this class, students will learn how to write programs that can solve various math problems, and learn the basics needed to build a game in the calculator!

Please bring a Ti-84 if you can, only a couple will be provided to experiment on.

M918: Mathematical Puzzles and Paradoxes
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Sean Wang

Have you ever wondered how math can be useful in the real world, if at all? Do you wonder if there is more to math than just equations and formulas? Are you simply curious about interesting math problems?

This course will answer those questions and more. Through interactive problem-solving and activities, students will be exposed to a wide range of topics in math in an easy-to-follow format. Students will learn how math can be used to solve complex, real-world problems and be exposed to some mind-bending paradoxes.

While the goal of this course is to give students a taste of what mathematics can be like beyond high school, no advanced math background is required. This course aims to provide students with a new perspective on math, so students of all backgrounds, from those who absolutely hate math, to those who are interested in majoring in mathematics, are encouraged to register.

M938: Curb Your Fibonacci! The Heart of Linear Algebra
Difficulty: ***
Teachers: Michael Ngo

Your x-y-z coordinate in Minecraft, the temperature of a cup of coffee cooling down, the pixels of an image. We store sequences of numbers all the time. But is there a pattern? Can I predict where you move in a video game, how fast the coffee will cool, or compress an image without losing resolution? (The answer might be yes, and the secret might be some very cool mathematics!)

In this class, students will work in small groups to study the famous, seemingly unpredictable Fibonacci sequence with the power of linear algebra. This is not a lecture! With guidance, students will develop tools and build intuition about this super, applicable field of mathematics. No prior linear algebra experience expected. Time permitting, we will dive into additional extensions and generalizations.

basic algebra

Physical & Biological Sciences

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P898: Clouds: Wonders of the Atmosphere Full!
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jonathan Lee

Have you ever looked up at the sky (or a satellite image of clouds) and wondered about what they meant for the weather in the next hour or day? How do they even exist in the first place? And why is upstate New York so cloudy, especially in the winter? This course provides a broad introduction to clouds and will address questions like these. We’ll discuss how clouds form and grow and how to classify cloud types (featuring cloud photos taken at Cornell!). We’ll explore some particular and unique patterns clouds can exhibit, looking from the ground up and from far above via satellite imagery and animations. Some other topics include how cloud cover varies in different seasons and regions, their crucial role in regulating Earth’s climate, and challenges of modeling and forecasting clouds.

P908: The Science Behind Vaccines Full!

Have you ever wondered why you need to get a flu shot every year? Have you ever been curious about what happens inside your body after you get one? In this class, we will learn all about vaccines! We will explore the underlying science, the mechanisms behind specific vaccines, and their effects on human health and the population as a whole.

P909: The Art of Athletic Eats: Your Guide to Sports Nutrition Success

What’s the difference between what a marathon runner and bodybuilder eats? What’s the difference in what they each need? Discover the not-so secretive path to fueling your body for peak performance, whether you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just starting your journey. We will take you through a journey in sports nutrition that's easy to understand and highly applicable to your daily routine where you will learn how to fuel your workouts and your body, recover quickly, or just how to incorporate nutrition strategies to optimize a healthy and balanced diet. Join us as we explore the intersection of nutrition and athletic achievement- see you there!

P914: Severe Thunderstorms: Forecasting, Monitoring, and Safety
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Jonathan Lee

Severe thunderstorms are common and potentially dangerous weather occurrences over much of the US, including the Northeast. Such storms pose a variety of hazards, including flash floods, damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes. Students will learn about the basic science behind thunderstorms and the hazards they pose. The course will also introduce students to resources for monitoring potential storms and their hazards, including outlooks, watches, and warnings issued by the National Weather Service. Students will also learn where to find and how to interpret weather radar images, and what actions to take when severe weather strikes. Examples from previous severe thunderstorm and tornado events, including the Northeast, will be shown.

P925: Topics in Astronomy and Space Exploration

This course will explore several basic concepts in astronomy and space exploration, presented in a way that is easy to understand for someone without any background in astronomy or physics. Topics covered will explore a diverse range of distinct yet interconnected ideas in astronomy, astrophysics, and astrobiology. As mentioned, no background is needed beyond basic familiarity with math. If you've ever had a passion for looking up at the night sky and wondering what's up there, this class is for you!

P929: Power Up: Illuminating Minds with Electricity

Are you ready to become a human conductor? Have you ever interacted with plasma? Join us for an electrifying journey into the captivating realm of electricity and magnetism! In this dynamic course designed for curious minds with no background knowledge required, we will delve deep into the fundamental principles and phenomena that govern the world around us.

Through engaging hands-on experiments and interactive discussions, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the roles of electricity and magnetism in our daily lives. From understanding the basics of electrical current to conductivity, this course will spark your curiosity and ignite your passion for physics!

P934: Sustainable Sprouts: How to Start Your Own Native Plant Garden Full!
Difficulty: *

Ever wanted to start your own garden from scratch? Join Cornell’s CU GeoData Project Team in learning about sustainable gardening and native plants to get you started at home. No experience is required, and anyone is welcome — from casual plant enthusiasts to ecology experts.

P942: Eye Wonder: Mysteries of Vision

Welcome to our eye-opening journey through the fascinating world of vision! In this engaging class, we'll delve into the anatomy of the eye, unravel the mysteries of color blindness, and explore the challenges of near and far-sightedness. Get ready to discover the importance of good habits for maintaining clear vision and learn practical tips for protecting your eyes from harm.

But it's not all serious business—get ready for some fun with mind-bending optical illusions and interactive color perception tasks that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Join us as we embark on this enlightening adventure together!

P945: World of Proteins
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Summer Kim

Ever wondered why we should never leave out protein from our diet? The steak you ate for dinner last weekend and the sandwich you ate for lunch today have protein. Likewise, we eat protein daily. You're entitled to know what it's made of and how it works in your body.
This course will answer all these questions. We will explore what happens when this essential nutrient “protein” travels inside our body. Together, we will learn what it is made of and its mechanisms to help our bodily functions work properly.
The primary goal of this course is to invite students to explore the wonders of proteins and their intricate functions. Students will gain a thorough understanding of protein. Anyone interested is encouraged to register.

Basic biology and chemistry knowledge required.

P946: Reproductive Health: A Crash Course!

Have you ever wondered how hormones affect your body? Have you ever been interested in understanding your own reproductive health? In this engaging course, we will take a deep dive into some basic reproductive anatomy, debunk some common myths about reproductive health, and explore how to maintain your own reproductive health. We will explore hormone regulation, different types of contraception, and how various diseases impact the body.

P901: Frankenscience: Ethics in Biology
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Peyton DiSiena

In 1818, Mary Shelley demonstrated the issue of ethics in science with her text Frankenstein. A monster, created entirely by the hands of a scientist, develops his own emotions and life and yet he is held back by the grasps of his development. A metaphor for the overwhelming ethical dilemmas being proposed by the developing scientific technology, inventions, and observations, Shelley’s Frankenstein launched a much needed conversation about how and when ethics should be imposed on scientific communities. This course will explore the question: at what point does ethics become a barrier to scientific research, and how can ethics be applied to science without potentially limiting new discoveries?

P902: Humans: Our Ancestors and Our Stories
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Peyton DiSiena

This class will unearth the stories of human history through the lens of biology. We will cover some background on early humans and hominids, the use of mitochondrial, Y-chromosomal, and ancient DNA in understanding early history, and discuss some current discoveries in this field.

P910: Synthetic biology: Create your very own iGEM project! Full!

Hey everyone! We are so glad to be with you all today. We are part of iGEM, an award winning project team in the College of Engineering that focuses on using synthetic biology. And if you’re wondering what that is, then you’re in the right place! Our goal today is to introduce the idea of synthetic biology, understanding how synthetic biology interacts with engineering, gene editing, policy, business, and more! Students will see their very own synthetic biology idea comes to fruition, from an initial concept to a fully fleshed out project that can make a tangible impact in the world.

The structure of our class will be in the form of different workshops focusing on the different facets of synthetic biology. Simulating the Cornell iGEM brainstorming process, students will build upon a real world problem of their interest ranging from cancer therapeutics to food insecurity. The class will be highly interactive, and students will cycle through mini workshops focused on a different subteam of iGEM: Wet Lab, Product Development, Policy and Practices, Business, and Wiki and Design. We will also have some activities to demonstrate the science behind important concepts in synthetic biology. By the end, students will have a complete understanding of the scientific process behind creating, testing and executing a fully fledged iGEM project, which they can bring to the real world!

P921: Molecular Gastronomy: Edible Science! Full!
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Tiffany Guo

Have you ever watched a cooking show and wondered what terms like "sous vide" or "emulsion" meant? Join our molecular gastronomy class, where we will be exploring the intersection of the culinary world with science! We will be introducing basic molecular gastronomy concepts, followed by seeing (and some taste testing!) real-life food examples that use molecular gastronomy techniques. Finally, we will finish off with a demo involving making Sprite popping pearls!

P931: Science Olympiad Workshops
Difficulty: **

Members of Science Olympiad at Cornell will present three different workshops based on Science Olympiad events. Explore your scientific interests in cartography, civil engineering, and forestry!

Social Sciences

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S932: Basic Business Concepts
Difficulty: *

Don't know what taxes are? The difference between a debit and a credit card? This class will provide a brief introduction to basic business concepts that will be of use to you in the upcoming future. All grades welcome!

S922: Survivor: Red Cross Edition Full!
Difficulty: **

Do you have what it takes to survive an earthquake? A flood? A wildfire? Join Cornell’s Red Cross Club to hone your disaster preparedness skills, and learn how to face real-life emergencies. Get ready to become the ultimate survivor!

S916: Who Dunnit? A Healthcare Murder Mystery Full!
Difficulty: *

Embark on an intriguing journey through the fictional town, Syracooze with "Who Dunnit? A Healthcare Murder Mystery," a unique course presented by the Cornell Center for Health Equity Undergraduate Chapter. This interactive class merges the excitement of detective games like "Among Us" and "Werewolf" with vital lessons on health equity. As players take on roles from detectives to healthcare professionals, they'll explore the social determinants of health, uncover the roots of healthcare disparities, and develop strategies for advocacy. This engaging format encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of how equitable health access can be achieved in communities like Syracooze and beyond.